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TITAN 5100

TITAN 5100 5G-NR Window Mount

TITAN 5100 is an advanced 5G NSA/SA 5G NR Sub-6G flexible mounting CPE specially designed to enable quick and easy 5G/4G/3G fixed data service deployment for residential and SOHO customers. It provides high speed LAN and WiFi6 services to end users who need both bandwidth and multi-media data service in residential homes or enterprises. 


TITAN 5100 is designed to meet the stringent operation environment for outdoor CPE devices. The device can safely operate in a wide temperature ranging from ‐40 to +55 degree and meets industrial IP67 water and dust proof standard requirements. The device MTBF time is expected to be above 80,000 hours. Depending on the network configuration and DL/UL split ratio configuration, the unit can support up to 3.6Gbps max throughput over the 5G air interface. TITAN 5100 provides 2.5Gbps PoE connection to connect user terminal device such as indoor router or PoE switches. It also has built-in WiFi6 AP capabilities to quick user WiFi access or deployment. The product comes with PoE power adapter and diffident mounting bracket accessories for quick self-installation. 


  • Compact design 11.3″ x 6.4″ x 2″ IP67 enclosure​
  • Built-in 4×4 omnidirectional wideband antennas​
  • Wi-Fi 6​
  • 48V 2.5G PoE support​
  • Window, pole and wall mounting options included in packaging​
  • Dual SIM/eSIM
  • Up to3.6Gbps throughput over 5G


  • Significantly improve FWA antenna performance with 180 ̊ field of view​
  • High-gain device at a cost similar to competing desktop devices​
  • Simple self-install mounting options​
  • Improved network spectrum efficiency​
  • Remote configuration and management​
  • API support for zero-touch deployment


TITAN 5100 is a user-friendly CPE that is easy to install and maintain. It come with different mounting accessories to enable easy indoor window mounting, indoor or outdoor wall mounting, and outdoor pole mounting. The LEDs on the unit has also been designed for user convenience, and offer a clear sign of what the device is doing. The IP addresses can be dynamically obtained via DHCP. TITAN 5100 offers rich management features which facilitate the task of service provider. It supports local management access, Telnet, WEB, and centralized remote OTA configuration, upgrades management and device monitoring via standard TR-069 ACS systems.