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About Global Telecom

Redefining IoT Solutions

At Global Telecom, we are redefining the future of connectivity. At our core is a passion to serve our customers with products and services that solve problems and create improved experiences.

Founded in 2018 by Ahmad Malkawi – a wireless industry veteran with 20+ years of experience working for telecom giants like AT&T, Qualcomm and Sprint – Global Telecom has designed innovative products and services that are currently deployed across dozens of industries, providing wireless connectivity that brings the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to billion-dollar companies and small businesses alike.

Our Success and Growth

Global Telecom holds two U.S. Patents, 9,961,168 and 10,582,018 , covering driverless, hostless wireless modules, and the market has rewarded our strategy. Global Telecom is growing rapidly with consistent quarter-over-quarter profitability. And while we are committed to profitable growth with our partners, we’re also committed to improving security and global supply chain integrity. Global Telecom products are designed in the United States. Manufacturing was recently moved from China to Taiwan and Vietnam. In 2024 all manufacturing will be moved to the United States.

Some of Our Customers and Partners

Alliance Corporation

Our approach to secure connectivity

Global Telecom’s devices utilize advanced blockchain and host-less connectivity to add layers of security to the most susceptible access points on the Internet of Things. The module is the foundational technology in each of the billions of devices in the IoT. The prevalence of the module across the IoT, and its important role of granting access to a network, combine to make it the favored target for hackers.

Global Telecom’s approach to secure connectivity – which also includes advanced development of quantum cryptography – reduces to nearly zero the probability that a hacker can exploit a random toaster, air conditioner or medical monitor in the IoT as a means of gaining access to critical systems. Post-quantum computing resistance is rapidly gaining acceptance in the tech sector not just an alternative cybersecurity measure, but an essential approach. Global Telecom’s Quantum Cryptography Engine (QCE), once complete and ready for in-the-field testing in 2021, will serve as a true Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG).

Awards and Recognition