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Cloud Management and Network Optimization

Get real visibility and control. Applications that simplify deployments, provide visibility, and ensure best customer experience.

Gain Control and Deliver Consistently Better Performance

Global Telecom solutions leverage our Connectivity Manager and Intent-Based Connectivity Engine, allowing customers to achieve consistently higher performance, better end-user experience, and greater management of their deployments.

Connectivity Manager

All Global Telecom devices support our Connectivity Manager, an optional subscription SaaS solution that enables administrators to configure, install, monitor, and troubleshoot all of their deployed devices. Administrators can evaluate device performance, track data usage, manage updates, and enable proactive monitoring and reporting.
Connectivity manager also supports advanced features such as band locking / prioritization / exclusion, APN/VPN enablement, sector scanning and integration with third-party applications.

Faster Set Up and Deployment
Greater Visibility and Control
Advanced Security
Deep Integration Options

Intent-Based Optimization Engine

All Global Telecom devices also support our Intent-Based Connectivity Engine, the wireless industry’s only platform that dynamically and automatically ensures that devices are always attached to the highest performing, least congested parts of your carrier’s network. This optional solution, patented by Global Telecom and embedded in our device modules, enable devices to periodically scan all available sectors, evaluating hundreds of criteria including upload and download speed, antenna gain, interference, and more, to determine how to ensure each user has the most consistent experience. 

Competitors’ devices often fight with the carrier’s network, attaching to highly congested or unfavorable towers. And this has real results. Not only can it attenuate a carrier’s signal, reducing spectrum efficiency, it can also negatively impact the experience of mobile and fixed users alike. Global Telecom’s Intent-Based Connectivity Engine works in coordination with each carrier’s network and is compliant with all 3GPP standards.