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5G Fixed Wireless and Private Network Solutions

Solve FWA pain points. Create a great customer experience. Significantly reduce customer churn.

Fast-Growing Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is now the fastest growing way for consumers and businesses to get broadband access.

Global Telecom 5G, LTE and CBRS-ready devices offer a full suite of secure, simple to use solutions for nearly every scenario.

5G Indoor Devices​

Titan 5000

TITAN 5000

  • Intent-Based algorithm ensures users have the best FWA experience available ​
  • Plug and play with existing Wi-Fi networks​
  • Quick and easy to install and set up​
  • Remote configuration and management​
  • FWA-optimized module and chipset​
  • API support for zero-touch deployment
Titan 5100

TITAN 5100

  • Significantly improve FWA antenna performance with 180˚ field of view​​
  • High-gain device at a cost similar to competing desktop devices​​
  • Simple self-install mounting options​​
  • Improved network spectrum efficiency​​
  • Remote configuration and management​​
  • API support for zero-touch deployment

LTE Indoor Devices​

Titan 3000

TITAN 3000

  • Compliant to 3GPP Release 13​
  • Cost effective & compact design with integrated high gain MIMO wideband antennas​
  • Advanced 4×4 MIMO support with Category 12 Throughput​
  • 4 ethernet ports, 1 Gigabit port, VoIP Line,​
  • 802.11 b/g/n/ac dual band Wi-Fi

TITAN 2000

  • PoE capable of simple and reliable interface​
  • Advanced 4G capabilities with 8R2T design (Release 13 compliant)​
  • Multi-band and multi-mode (FDD & TDD) support​
  • Router and bridge operation mode support​
  • Full IPv4 & IPv6 and multiple PDN support​

Outdoor Devices

Titan 5400
  • Serve rural customers and hard-to-reach locations with high speed, low latency coverage up to 10 miles ​​
  • Support nearly all outdoor conditions with IP67 case protection​​
  • Quick and easy to install and set up​​​
  • Remote configuration and management​​​
  • API support for zero-touch deployment
Titan 4000
  • Cost effective & compact design with built-in LTE MIMO antennas.
  • Compliant to 3GPP LTE Release 10​
  • Router, bridge and by-pass networking, IPv4 & IPv6 and multiple PDN support​
  • Secure Telnet, FTP, HTTP and TR069 OTA management support​

RF design and AI deliver better results

Extend the range of your FWA and CBRS networks with optimized device design and our patented AI-driven Optimization Platform. Titan self-installed indoor desktop and window-mount devices offer superior performance inside homes and offices. Titan outdoor devices extend the range of your FWA and CBRS network beyond what you thought possible.

In a rapidly growing FWA market learn how to address high churn

The growth of FWA deployments since 2021 has been dramatic but so have customer churn rates. While carriers invested billions of dollars and created fast, low latency 5G networks, the devices deployed in homes and business each tend to use the identical underlying hardware to attach and manage network connections. And too often these devices simply attach to the strongest cellular signal, whether the tower has terrific speeds, or it’s congested with folks just home from work.

Global Telecom uses a different strategy. Not only do we design our devices for optimum network connectivity, we abstract to our software layer the rules about how and where to attach to each carrier’s network. The result? Customers gain a much more consistent broadband experience and wireless carriers have much more efficient use of their wireless spectrum.