T-Mobile NetStick

True Plug and Play-NO Drivers Needed

Get connected to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network by simply plugging the NetStick into your laptop and skip the hassle of long setups. There’s no software required with the NetStick and its compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. Simple LED indicator for connectivity and speed.

Added Security – Host-less Connectivity

Put your mind at ease with the security features of the T-Mobile NetStick. It works with corporate VPNs and offers security controls and remote management. The Host-less model adds an additional security layer.

Works Where Others Don’t

A true high performance with 2 IP’s to enable 2×2 mimo with wideband antenna covering from 600 MHz to 3000 MHz Supports all of T-Mobile Bands B25/B26/B41 + B2/B4/B5/B12/B17/B71. Antenna gain peaks up to 7 dBi on 2500 MHz frequency with High Power User Unit (HPUE) technology enhancement.

Enterprise Grade with Self-Recovery Mechanism-Never Skip a Beat

The T-Mobile NetStick employs a sophisticated AI recovery mechanism that keeps you connected to the network indefinitely. The device has been running for months at a time without any interruption.