Cat 19 Module


Global Telecom’s GLM-7243AX is an advanced Cat 19 multi-band LTE Mini PCIe USB module. It has been designed for easy integration with laptops, set-top boxes and real-time devices to provide advanced 4G connectivity.

High Performance & Lightning Speed Mobile Data
The GLM-7243AX supports both FDD and TDD modes of LTE operation and provides up to 1.7 Gbps data throughput — far exceeding existing wired broadband data speeds and easily satisfying the demands of HD video and VoIP applications.

Easy and Quick Integration
The module supports USB 2.0 and Gigabit RGMII interfaces to allow quick integration across operator networks with a variety of systems, including LTE eNodeB. Roaming and handover support are also available.

Superior Performance
The GLM-7243AX’s Mini PCI-E form factor design, support for advanced 4G technologies (including AMC, HARQ, MIMO and more) and a host-less SoC design combine to reduce cost and power consumption.

Advanced MIMO Technology
Supporting advanced MIMO technology (8Rx and 4Tx), the GLM-7243AX allows modules to achieve up to LTE category 19 performance, while also extending coverage and greatly improving spectrum efficiency.