Founded in 2011, Global Telecom is a pioneer in wireless and IOT innovation.

Global Telecom delivers market-proven hardware, software and services that allow clients to rapidly and economically solve the most challenging IOT demands.

Global Telecom solutions encompass the industry’s most reliable IOT modules and devices, drawing upon a global base of engineering talent.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Maximize revenues for our customer through the efficient use of the wireless access

Our Mission

Revolutionize the processes of module and device architecture with breakthrough technologies

Our Goals

Increase the reliability for wireless communications through the innovative use of information technology

Global Telecom engineers hardware, software and AI solutions that enable a reliable and secure Internet of Things.


Chief Executive Officer

Ahmad Malkawi

Ahmad Malkawi has worked in the wireless industry for nearly 20 years.
Worked with AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Lucent, Motorola and Qualcomm
Served in many leadership positions including VP of engineering, VP of business development.

mo nasser

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Mo Nasser

Mohamad Nasser has more than 25 years of experience in the wireless industry.Worked at Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Ericsson, Qualcomm, GTE, MCI and Siemens.Industry leader in the IOT space with proven success in delivering both products and services Holds patents in CDMA technology.