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        Global Telecom delivers market-proven software and services that allow clients to rapidly and economically solve the most challenging network problems. An innovator in network design and optimization since 1993, Global Telecom solutions encompass the industry's fastest and most reliable interference management software and the highest quality RF engineering services, drawing upon a global base of RF engineers and technicians. This powerful combination of services and software, enable clients to achieve a rapid ROI through network optimization quickly and accurately. 


         A company-wide culture of delivering superior value through product innovation and unrivaled services has allowed Global Telecom to attract a global customer base. Whether a client needs special assistance in communicating with another carrier or help in growing new revenue streams, Global Telecom works with its clients every step of the way. 



         Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, Global Telecom maintains customer support and sales offices in Jordan and throughout the United States. For additional information on Global Telecom services and software, please send email to info@glob-tel.com or call 818.665.2068.

Global Headquarters

17901 Von Karman Avenue
Suite 600

Irvine, CA, 92614



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