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Solution Identifies RF Interference in Seconds Across Collocated Sites and Rooftops
AIM InterMod 60?Predicts and Resolves Problematic External and Internal RF Interference Issues in 2G, 2.5G and 3G Networks
    Vienna, VA. (January 20, 2003) ?Global Telecom, a global wireless communications company that harnesses the combined power of RF engineering services and software to improve the quality and predictability of 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks, today introduced the AIM InterMod 60?/sup> RF interference management system. AIM InterMod 60 supports all air interfaces such as AM/FM, SMR, iDEN, CDMA, UMTS, GSM, IS136 and GPRS/EDGE, and is uniquely capable of rapidly, accurately and comprehensively identifying existing and potential sources of interference across collocated sites and rooftops.  
    AIM InterMod 60 identifies external and internal interference including intermodulation, receiver desensitization, transmitter noise, harmonics and spurious output in minutes, if not seconds. Through unparalleled speed, AIM InterMod 60 is the first solution that can be applied out in the field during network optimization, enabling carriers to predict patterns of interference and enhance wideband services and spectrum efficiency.  
    “Interference is continually being introduced into the wireless network with potentially numerous external and internal sources acting simultaneously on the system,?said Ahmad Malkawi, president and CEO of Global Telecom. “To keep pace in this dynamic environment, solutions need to identify interference essentially as it occurs. In as little as a few seconds, AIM InterMod 60 pinpoints interference and is ideally suited to help eliminate interference problems in existing sites and prevent interference from occurring in future sites through fast simulation analysis.?
    AIM InterMod 60 provides a comprehensive database, easily accessible via pull-down menus, consisting of libraries for antenna gain patterns, filters/multicouplers, base station equipment, frequencies and bandwidths. Data can also be scanned into the database from a wide variety of devices or by importing tab-delimited text. 
    AIM InterMod 60 covers a frequency range from 1kHz to 100 GHz and considers all channels in the bandwidth eliminating the need for channel clipping and assumptions about frequency hits. Additional features and capabilities include:
Considers thousands of transmitted and received frequencies
Provides database of antenna patterns (receiver and transmitter antenna)
Calculates horizontal separation
Calculates vertical separation
Provides analysis of simple and complex systems including up to 30 towers in multi-tower environments and up to 120 carriers per rooftop
Performs near field calculations based on cylindrical model
Performs far field calculations that consider antenna patterns
Provides flexible propagation model with enhanced correction factors
Considers receiver and transmitter filters
Enables users to adjust transmitted powers

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