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    Interference studies are critical given the potential of interference to disturb the operation of duplexed communication systems. Unfortunately, interference has been difficult to control and measure ?until now.
    AIM InterMod60 is a software solution that eliminates the complexities of interference studies through detailed yet easy-to-understand analysis. AIM InterMod60 enables you to pinpoint and eliminate existing interference sources including intermodulation, receiver desensitization, and transmitter noise, harmonics and spurious output. You can also avoid potential problems by running an unlimited number of predictive scenarios. InterMod60 is also Web-enabled allowing convenient access to conduct studies and retrieve reports, eliminating the need for expensive set-up and hardware upgrade costs. Whether you require the capability to perform on-site analysis from a WAP-device or a full report via a desktop computer, AIM InterMod60 delivers. 
    While other interference software solutions can take up to 2 weeks to generate reports, AIM InterMod60 provides comprehensive reports in a matter of minutes, even seconds. Fast access to critical information enables more rapid optimization of site collocation and improved wireless coverage. 
AIM InterMod60 provides you with the capability of entering thousands of transmitted and received frequencies used at radio sites. Frequencies can be stored into the InterMod 60 database for repeated use at any time. Or, import data from other sources including EXCEL, Access and ASCII for analysis and reporting. 

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