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    At Global Telecom, we are seeking individuals who believe in working collaboratively toward the exchange of information and ideas and treating others with dignity and respect. To thrive at Global Telecom you must also be:     

    If you share in our work environment approach and possess the character traits necessary for individual and corporate success we'd be interested in hearing from you.  Please click on the following listed positions to learn more about current career opportunities at Global Telecom.  

RF Engineer
e06.gif (84 bytes) Drive tester I, II & III
e06.gif (84 bytes) RF Engineer I
e06.gif (84 bytes) RF Engineer II
e06.gif (84 bytes) RF Engineer III
e06.gif (84 bytes) Project Manager I, II & III
e06.gif (84 bytes) Project Manager I & II
Software Engineer
     Our employees come from all walks of life, bringing with them different lifestyles, perspectives and ideas. Global Telecom offers a comprehensive and competitive compensation package. Global Telecom is an equal opportunity employer.
  If you are interested in a career at Global Telecom but none of the listed positions match your qualifications we'd still like to here from you. Please send your resume and letter of inquiry to:

Email: resumes@glob-tel.com


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